Our Technology

Our goal is to provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively.

  1. We widely market your property and reach prospective renters with one click of the mouse, pushing your listing out to all of the top rental sites.
  2. Our built-in rental comparison tool provides actual rental rates for units similar to yours in the same geographic location.  Combined with our market expertise, we maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.
  3. We screen for the best applicants with standard background and credit checks, along with past rent payment history and references – enabling us to  and place the most qualified tenants in your space.
  4. Applicants can apply right from their phone or computer.
  5. Collect rent faster with online payment options. Modern residents expect easy, online payment options.  Our tenants have three convenient ways to pay: electronically; e-check, direct debit, or debit/credit card.
  6. You have on-demand access to your statements. Owner statements are securely posted to an online Owners Portal, providing you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month. We can also include maintenance invoices and any additional reports you request.
  7. We Handle property maintenance issues faster through electronic work-orders and communication with vendors so we can quickly resolve issues. We always email you a copy of the work order and relevant information giving you real-time updates.

Why Hire a Commercial Property Manager?

Property managers take care of things, so you don’t have to.  They are paid a percentage of the rent you collect, so it’s easy to factor in what they cost.  Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a commercial property management company:

  • Modern Technology – It’s likely you don’t own the programs that property management companies own. It’s expensive and sometimes complicated.  Vacancies must be listed, rent can be paid automatically, and tenants screened online.  Our programs have advanced technology for internet marketing, advertising, payments, account accessibility, and much more.
  • Legal Liability – Property managers spend time in annual seminars and belong to associations that keep them up to date on the latest laws.  Making a mistake in this business can cost you.
  • Expense Management – Money should be set aside for unforeseen repairs and long-term improvements.  To keep your property asset growing in value, it must be looked after. In addition, deciding how much rent to charge is a science, not something to estimate.  Managers know how to compare market values, watch trends, and analyze locations.
  • Peace of Mind – Decide how you want to spend your time. If you’re already working, managing a property is like adding another job.  If you travel or don’t live near the building, it will be hard to take care of from a distance.  If you like quiet evenings, you may not get them if you have emergencies.
  • Regular Inspections – Having another set of eyes on your property is the best way to solve problems before they become big ones, and keep business tenants happy.
  • Ready Maintenance Teams – A good property management company has a team of maintenance specialists on call or in-house to take care of every emergency that comes up, leaving your time free.

Research rental management companies before you choose!  Interview them, look up their websites and find out what their reputation is.  If they haven’t been around very long, they may not know the local market.  Professional property managers will serve you well for years as you grow your asset.

Windermere is Whatcom County’s Premier Property Management Company

We go the extra mile to make it easier for you.  Trust our 50+ years of experience to provide you with convenience you will love and service you will appreciate.