Leasing FAQ’s

Do you have questions about the office leasing process? We are here to help! Here we’ve collected a list of the most commonly asked questions from tenants beginning the office leasing process:

  1. Do you offer short-term leases?
    Windermere offers both short-term and long-term leases.
  2.  What is included in the lease price?
    There are two leases. A “Gross Lease” or a “Triple Net Lease” (NNN). A “Gross Lease” is a single amount of rent from which the property owner pays expenses. With a “A Triple Net Lease” you will be billed for the taxes, insurance and maintenance, in addition to any normal fees under the agreement such as rent and utilities. Depending upon the lease, the tenant may also be responsible for parking fees, or other charges related to the space. Different buildings offer different leases, so make sure you ask when viewing the rental space. During the leasing process, some provisions are negotiable.
  3. What is the difference between useable and rentable square footage?
    Useable square feet (USF) refers to the actual square footage.  Rentable square feet (RSF) is the usable square footage plus the common area. The common areas include the restrooms, hallways, and elevators.
  4. What changes can I make to my new space?
    These are called Tenant Improvements or TI’s. They refer to any modifications that need to be made to a space either prior or during occupancy.  Tenants must comply with local building codes and have their proposed upgrades or changes approved by the Windermere Property Manager.
  5. What are some of the advantages of leasing with Windermere?
    We offer competitive rental rates with a simple leasing process, and flexible terms. Our office has decades of local experience, offering you an informed viewpoint you may not otherwise receive.
  6. Does Windermere offer leasing incentives?
    We offer competitive rental rates in the market and may occasionally offer additional incentives depending upon the economy, the location and the time of year. Commercial spaces are the MOST negotiable of rental properties.
  7. What is the termination fee if I break my lease?
    The tenant is responsible for the entire contracted lease term and amount as noted on your lease. If you feel have to move out before your lease term has expired, most leases offer the right to sublease.
  8. All of your leases start on the 1st of the month, can I move-in mid-month?
    Yes, you can move in mid-month, we would pro-rate the rent for that month.
  9. Do I need a broker to lease an office?
    No, we act as a dual agent.  You are welcome to provide your own broker if you have one, but we are happy to aid you through the process.  Leases can be complex.
  10. I want to sign a lease, but I don’t have a name for my company yet. Is that okay?
    Yes, that’s okay your company name does not have to match your tenant name.
  11. What do I have to pay to get my keys today?
    First month’s rent and security deposit must be paid to get your keys. The lease and all move-in documents must also be signed.   If it’s in your lease, all utilities must be in your name and you must provide us with the account numbers.
  12. What is a “Move-In Condition Report?”
    This document describes the condition of the rental upon moving in.  After signing you are provided a copy of the report and you are permitted to add additional conditions to the report for 7 days following.
  13. What forms of identification do I need to apply for a lease?
    Prospective tenants need to supply some form of legal, photo, government ID to the leasing representative. This is typically in the form of a current driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID.

Please feel free to talk to us directly to a Windermere agent if you have additional questions.  We are here to make your leasing experience smooth and appropriate for your individual business needs.