Move Out Process

Commercial Tenant Move Out Checklist

One Month Ahead

Schedule your moving assistance far ahead of time.  Try to have all items removed at least 2 days prior to the move out date in order to leave the unit on time and clean.

2 Weeks Before:

  1. Mail – please provide the post office with a forwarding address at
  2. Utilities – stop or move service for your space directly with the utility companies. Schedule service stop or transfer date effective as of your lease end with Windermere.

2 Days Before:

  1. Vacate the space and allow time to clean.
  2. But, please remove all debris and trash or additional charges may apply.

Replace these items before you leave to avoid extra charges:

  • Burned out light bulbs
  • Missing or dead smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Moving Day:

By end of day on the day your lease expires, return keys, parking permits, mailbox keys, storage keys, garage door openers, etc. to our Windermere Property Management office at 541 W. Bakerview Road.  Collect keys from ALL employees.   Keys MUST be returned to Windermere Commercial Management.  Do not leave keys at the unit.

After Moving Out:

Please leave Windermere a forwarding address (and phone number) so we can mail your deposit refund check.  Deposit refunds will be mailed to the rental address in absence of any forwarding address.

About the keys

We re-key and replace locks in all commercial spaces upon vacancy.

How move-out charges are determined

There are 4 main categories: Paint, Flooring, Cleaning, and Maintenance

  1. At inspection, Windermere will document all cleaning, painting, carpet and damage issues found in the unit and compare them to the condition checklist from move-in.
  2. You will be responsible for any damages or painting that are not considered normal wear & tear AND are not documented on the move-in checklist.
  3. You will be charged for any cleaning needed that was not documented at move-in.
  4. Deposit refunds are mailed from our office approximately 21 days from receipt of the unit keys.

Deposit return disputes

If you disagree with a charge, please contact us at 360-733-7944 and tell us exactly which item(s) you are disputing so we can review the move out inspection notes and all other related documents.  We want you AND the property owner to be happy, so please take care of your unit and clean it thoroughly when you move.

Holdover Charges: if you remain in your unit for any reason beyond the date your Lease expiration or fail to return keys by the same date / time, you will be charged the cost of the daily rent for each day in the holdover period.