Why use a Commercial Property Manager?

When you look at your time verses money a commercial property manager is well worth the price.

Business Property Management - BellinghamFor instance, mowing the lawn at one of my properties takes about a half hour. So, if I calculate my investing time at say, $40 per hour, this costs about $20. As I thought about it, I realized that I also had to get to the truck, load the mower in the truck, drive to the property, mow, drive back and unload. Each of these drives was 25 to 30 minutes. So how much did my time cost? That lawn mowing was actually costing $80 dollars of my time. My lawn maintenance company only charges me $50.

A commercial property manager saves you both time and money by taking over and coordinating maintenance events so you can use your time wisely.  But maintenance isn’t the only example.

Tenant Relations and Rent

One of my clients left town every spring.  He was managing his property himself. Unfortunately, when he was gone a tenant would decide not to pay on time.  With each spring he got more and more frustrated while the tenant got further and further behind.

He came to me to fix the problem. We talked first about where the owner wanted the lines drawn. I worked with the delinquent tenant to pay, at least, during the month they owed the money and a little of the outstanding bills.

This is still a work in progress. The owner and I talk frequently about progress because I need to know if his lines and goals have changed, and about his other commitments and how they are affected by the delinquent tenant.

Why Hire a Manager with Windermere Commercial Management?

Hiring a professional will save you money and allow time for other tasks:

  • To monitor lease rates in your area and for your type of building. We strive to work with Windermere Commercial Real Estate to keep your leases at the peak of the market.
  • To keep up with Rules, Regulations and Laws. Windermere Commercial Management keeps abreast of the laws that affect your building and your tenants.
  • For Inspections. Our managers and maintenance team do regular inspections to see issues before they occur to maintain your building at the highest value and to keep your tenants happy to stay long-term.
  • Screening & Credit reports. Windermere Commercial Management is one of the few commercial management companies that have two levels of screening prospective tenants. We do personal screening and/or in depth corporate screening.
  • Professional Contacts. We work closely with all brokers in the area to enhance your building profile. Windermere Real Estate is the largest in Washington State and has more property listings than any other Real Estate company in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.
  • Remote Commercial Properties. Many owners of commercial properties do not live near their property. It is the responsibility of the Commercial Property Manager to be the eyes and ears of the owner when they cannot be there themselves.